Friday, August 21, 2009

What Teachers Wish They Could Buy in Their Local Teacher Stores

I recently asked my Twitter followers what kinds of products they wished they had seen more of in their neighborhood teacher stores this back-to-school season. Their answers were right on the money! Here are a few:

  • materials that make students truly think--which helps them understand, not just memorize.
  • no more "stuff" for the sake of providing kids with stuff--materials that really help kids build and use their imaginations.
  • no more rote flash cards and worksheets! Step. It. Up.
  • real professional development books, fewer "old school" fill-in-the-blank workbooks
  • tools that are compatible with interactive white boards
(About my Twitter followers: I have about 1075 followers--mostly classroom teachers and education-minded parents, but some are school administrators or technology specialists, employees of education organizations/non-profits, homeschoolers, and toy/education business owners.)

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