Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Making the Case for Snow Play!

Welcome to our new blog on everything hands-on learning! Let's share some cool learning ideas with one another and see where it takes us. Hey YOU, that means you have to share unique activities too! :)

Okay, so we are a little nutty, and my husband's a real life snowman from Norway. We took my one year-old out to sled and play in the snow this weekend--her first time playing in it! Well, I guess it wasn't the first time...

A few weeks ago on one of my days off, we laid on our tummies inside in front of the sliding glass door to our deck and put our hands in the snow. It was her immediate instinct. She didn't hold back, she didn't stare at it in wonder, she just GRABBED it. She needed to know what it felt like and then very quickly tried to shake the surprisingly cold, wet stuff off her tiny pink hand--he he!

So why isn't there more snow play for little learners? Yeah, it's cold, it's messy, but oh-so-educational. Get out those sand molds, buckets, shovels and toy bulldozers and head outdoors. Or, let them take their play dishes, colorful sprinkles, and food coloring out there and whip up a pretend dessert masterpiece. Hey, maybe there should be snow tables in early childhood classrooms just like there are sand & water tables! Why couldn't some company put a refrigeration unit in the bottom of one of these tables and sell them for, let's say $10,000 each? :)

Think about all that kids learn by playing in the snow like this--cause & effect, measurement, spatial skills, gross & fine motor skills, gravity, force & motion...not to mention all the vocabulary they're building. OMG, my nerdy teacher heart is thumping harder just thinking about the learning potential.

BTW, the sledding was a great time for kid, mommy, and daddy. What a workout too! If you haven't done it in a while, do it! Santa brought our family an inflatable toddler sled (not from Learning Resources) that we had to take for a spin. Now I'm thinking I might try doing a belly sled on the ladybug from our Giant Inflatable Insects (LER 1800) or see if it's possible to "skate" in the inflatable Measuring Feet (LER 7581). I'm not kidding. Seriously, I'm going to try it out and report back. Hmm, I wonder if anyone would notice if I took a long lunch today...cya.


  1. So many learning opportunities not only hands-on....physical science and more. Looks like you had a lot of fun!

  2. Dear WendyZ:

    I just love your new blog - and how cute with great information - keep it up!!


  3. How fun! I love it! Great ideas here.

  4. I really enjoyed reading your blog. Can't wait to read what's next.

  5. This is great. I think Learning Resources has some great sand molds for playing in the snow! I bought some for my sister's graduation party to write congratulations in the sand, but think of what you could do with food coloring and snow!